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Democrats add National-Convention mobile app

The U.S. President’s Democratic Party pins still more hope on its strategy to embrace social media

Democratic National Convention organizers released a mobile app on Tuesday designed to help conventioneers navigate the busy proceedings, find their way around Charlotte, N.C., and, it is hoped, share images and messaging from the convention with their social networks back home.

The app is a clearinghouse for all sorts of convention material, including live video of speeches, news links, blog posts by delegates, press releases, and Twitter feeds from convention organizers. An interactive map of the area around the convention sites includes venues where official events are taking place as well as listings of restaurants, bars, and retail stores.

DNC organizers tweet during the days leading up to the big night

It’s the front door of a broader social-media strategy that includes live-streamed convention speeches, a blog that will be updated frequently, and live chats hosted on Twitter and Google+. Organizers tried a more personal outreach last month, attracting 18 local Twitter followers to a “Tweet Up” event that included appearances by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the convention chairman, and Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx, as well as a private tour of how the host committee is beginning to turn the Time Warner Arena into a convention hall.-N

National Journal: Dems Have New Mobile App for Convention

British words that sound dirty but aren’t

In honour (with a “u”) of the London Games, here’s your handy guide to sounding English English

Update: Reader points out that “A bedsit is a one bedroom flat that serves as all the rooms in one. A bedsitter is someone who cares for your house while you’re on holiday”. The original list follows:

Action Man: A toy similar to G.I. Joe.

banger: a sausage (from the tendency of sausages to burst during frying); (2) a type of small firework; (3) an old car (allusion to their tendency to back-fire)

bedsitter: one-room apartment that serves as a living room, kitchen and bedroom and with shared bathroom facilities

bits and bobs: sundry items to purchase

blower: telephone

bubble and squeak: dish of cooked cabbage fried with cooked potatoes and other vegetables

bum bag: a bag worn on a strap around the waist

butty: a sandwich

chinwag: chat

cool box: box for keeping food and liquids cool

cotton bud: wad of cotton wool fixed to a small stick

crotchet: a musical note with a duration of one count in a time signature of 4/4

fag end: cigarette butt

fairy cake: a small sponge cake

flex: electrical cord

footie: soccer

gangway: a path between the rows of seats in a theatre

giro: social security benefit payment

glandular fever: mononucleosis

gobsmacked: astonished

googled: confused

jacket potato: baked potato

jiggery-pokery: expertly tinker with something

jump leads: booster cables used to jump-start a car

let-out: a means of evading or avoiding something

lock-in: illegal gathering in a pub at night to drink after the pub is supposed to have stopped serving alcohol, where the landlord “locks in” his guests to avoid being caught by police

lollipop lady: a school crossing guard

loudhailer: megaphone

Mexican wave: simply called The Wave in the US

move house: to move out of one’s house

naff off: go away

nosey parker: a busybody

off-the-peg: ready-made, rather than made to order

offal: the entrails and internal organs of a butchered animal

one-off: something that happens only once

pasty: hard pastry case filled with meat and vegetables

people mover: a passenger van

pillar box: box in the street for receiving outgoing mail

pouffe: A furnishing used as a foot rest

porkies: lies

press-up: a conditioning exercise, in which one lies prone and then pushes oneself up by the arms

pritt-stick: glue stick

pukka: legitimate

rashers: cuts of bacon

roundabout: a circular multi-exit road junction

rubber: a pencil eraser

rubbish: unwanted material that is thrown out

rucksack: a backpack

screw: a prison guard

shafted: broken beyond repair

shanks’s pony: walking

skew-whiff: uneven

skint: out of money

skive off: avoid work

slag off: to badmouth

slaphead: bald man

sleeping partner: an associate in business

soap dodger: one who is thought to lack personal hygiene

spawny: lucky

spotted dick: an English steamed suet pudding containing dried fruit commonly served with custard

strop on: in a bad mood

suck it and see: to undertake a course of action without knowing its full consequences

take the mickey: to make fun of somebody

tapping up: in professional team sport, attempting to persuade a player contracted to one team to transfer to another team without the knowledge or permission of the player’s current team

thickie: person of low intelligence

throw a wobbly: to lose one’s temper

toad-in-the-hole: batter-baked sausages

up himself: someone who is snobby.

What ho!: Sup.

Free desktop wallpaper 1440x900

You must click the text link directly below the picture to get the proper size.

image: Christopher Lacroix


Video: Ad pushes boundaries

Sure it commands attention – but does it sell ice cream?

A new ad for Philadelphia’s Little Baby’s Ice Cream isn’t the kind of spot you’d expect from such an innocently-named company. The video will make you scream for ice cream for all the wrong reasons….

The voiceover concludes, “Ice cream is a feeling.” Well, that feeling is horror for this viewer. I couldn’t help but wonder what message Little Baby’s was trying to convey with this creepy ad. That feeling line sounds like the dessert is trying to flirt with viewers, but not in a romantic way. More like it’s trying too hard.

What marketing strategy is there in outfitting a guy with an ice cream body suit? Is that supposed to inspire me to do the same? I doubt ice cream can clean my pores, and can you imagine the sticky-skin feeling you’d have to endure after?-D

Digital Journal: Op-Ed: New Little Baby’s Ice Cream commercial will give you nightmares

Little Baby’s Ice Cream commercial has almost 600,000 views on YouTube since it was first posted six days ago.

5 more corporations that are too opinionated


Chick-Fil-A isn’t the only brand to bring on backlash from the public

  • 1, 2 » In February, both Starbuck’s and Nike Shoes faced an uproar from some conservative Christians after the companies formally endorsed same-sex marriage legislation then under consideration by the Washington legislature.

  • 3 » During the late 1980’s, Domino’s Pizza ran into trouble with feminist groups and others, after then-CEO and Founder Tom Monoghan began making regular public statements in opposition to abortion.

    Demonstrators rally against General Mills in Minnesota - Image: Queerty

    • 4 » In June of this year, General Mills CEO Ken Powell’s statement in opposition to a proposed Minnesota constitutional amendment banning same-sex unions was regarded as a declaration of war on marriage by numerous conservatives and their advocacy groups.

    • 5 » In 2009, at the height of the national debate regarding President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform legislation, CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey got into trouble with his generally socially-conscious customer base after writing an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in opposition to the Affordable Care Act.-P

    Patch: OPINION: Playing Chicken with Public Opinion

    The bird has no words


    Is #Chick-Fil-A right to close its beak and pretend it never happened?

    Instead of challenging the back-and-forth on Cathy’s stand against gay unions, the privately held company posted a statement on its Facebook page in late July and simply stopped talking….

    Supporters of the company’s media shutdown noted Americans’ notoriously short attention spans and the likelihood that today’s drama will quickly be forgotten tomorrow. Chick-fil-A’s calculation, they say, is to stay quiet and resist adding fuel to the fire….

    Image: Elvert Barnes

    Others are surprised the company has not pushed harder to differentiate between Cathy’s personal views and those of the company. To them, Chick-fil-A seems to have been caught flat-footed.-A

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Handling PR: The debate on Chick-fil-A

    Pro #journalism 's death started with #media consolidation


    There’s no money in journalism. It’s even more true now than it was before everyone looked at the internet and thought it would simply drive traffic to the print product; before everything really started to fall through the floor. The industry is in trouble….

    The trouble in Canada started with consolidation, Carleton University journalism school director Christopher Waddell argues in the How Canadians Communicate (volume four): Media and Politics, a state-of-things compendium of essays assembled in a joint effort by the University of Athabasca and the Alberta Global Forum at Mount Royal University. Media consolidation was a management theory that “dealt a blow to the coverage of Parliament, politics and public policy,” Waddell writes.

    The idea was to share content across platforms and cut costs. For the most part the latter meant trimming jobs, including those held by regional reporters on Parliament Hill. This, Waddell argues, “eliminated local distinctiveness in standardizing the look and presentation of newspapers and TV” across the new multi-platform giants.-I

    Ipolitics: In review: How Canadians Communicate

    How Canadians Communicate: Amazon | Indigo


    Video: #Media students compete for $50 thousand

    A contest challenges college and university students to create public awareness campaigns for a chance at big money

    Imagine Canada and The Muttart Foundation are leading a competition designed to get the college crowd to spread the word about Canada’s charitable sector.

    The purpose of the Contest is to have entrants create and submit an original concept for a campaign that could lead to increased public awareness of the role that Canada’s charities play in ensuring and improving the quality of life in Canada. The purpose of the campaign cannot be to seek donations for charities. -S

    Students Verb Charities: Students Verb Charities

    #Facebook admits to 83 million bogus accounts

    The social-networking giant worries advertisers will pull out

    In company filings published this week, it said 8.7% of its 955 million active accounts broke its rules.

    Duplicate profiles - belonging to already registered users - made up 4.8% of its membership figure…

    User-misclassified accounts amounted to 2.4% - including personal profiles for businesses or pets - while 1.5% of users were described as “undesirable”.-B

    BBC: Facebook has more than 83 million illegitimate accounts

    "Marriage-fraud" e-book embargoed


    A Quebec woman’s book that alleges her ex-husband committed marriage fraud is ordered yanked from electronic shelves

    A Superior Court of Québec justice ordered Wednesday that the sale and promotion of [How to Catch an African Chicken: A Canadian Woman’s Outrageous but True Story of Marriage Fraud by Lainie Towell] halt for 30 days….

    Justice Dominique Goulet said the potential damage to [the ex-husband’s] reputation is greater than Towell’s right to free expression….-O

    Ottawa Citizen: Publication of ‘marriage fraud’ ebook on temporary hold

    Buy How to Catch an African Chicken - A Canadian Woman’s Outrageous but True Story of Marriage Fraud: Amazon | Kobo

    The law says…

    “The court… must… be convinced the words will lower an individual’s reputation in society. Mere insults or affronts to a person’s dignity, for example, have not usually been considered defamatory&helli p;.

    "There can be no defamation unless the words are published. Publication happens when the defamatory statement is received by someone other than the allegedly defamed victim.”-T

    Crawford, Michael. The Journalist’s Legal Guide Third Edition. 1996: Thomson Canada, Barrie, Ont. ISBN 0459254251
    Purchase: Amazon | Indigo